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All About Xenon

Electrifying Experience

Xenon Cycling is a fitness studio dedicated solely to electrifying indoor cycling classes. Xenon offers up-beat and thrilling, high intensity indoor cycling classes, that aim to inspire and challenge those looking for a quick, yet fulfilling workout. Xenon’s studio is designed specifically to enhance the spin class experience; as we have installed top quality surround sound and lighting systems to generate an exhilarating experience.


Xenon’s classes are a full body indoor cycling workout that flow to the beat of energizing music; it incorporates muscular endurance training and upper body exercises. In our 45 minute, high intensity, low impact workouts, riders can burn up to 500-700 calories. The low-lit studio is infused with euphoric lighting that allows the rider to get lost in the rhythm of the class; undoubtedly leaving the riders stress free and glowing after each class.

A Workout Like No Other

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